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Starting this week, Hoosier Shakes will perform “Pericles” and “Twelfth Night” at Charley Creek Gardens in Wabash and 3rd Street Courtyard in Marion without charging admission.

“We want to make Shakespeare accessible to everybody,” Executive Director Greg Fiebig said.

The company will perform June 8-12 at Charley Creek Gardens and
June 15-26 at the 3rd Street Courtyard, partnering with local vendors to provide snacks before the show and during intermission. The cost of the performance is a free-will donation.





“It’s a pay-what-you-will basis. So you come to a show. If you like what you see, you make a donation. … There are no ticket prices,” Fiebig said.

According to Fiebig, expensive ticket prices keep the public from attending theatre productions.

The company will perform using techniques similar to those used in Shakespeare’s day. These original practices include several costumes and props long with fast-paced delivery and audience interactions.




“Shakespeare’s talent was seeing people and stories and putting them on stage in such a way that we can recognize ourselves and those around us,” Katie Wampler, the artistic director for Hoosier Shakes, said. “The stories resonate with us because we are living and seeing those stories around us.

Fiebig said he hopes to put on skeleton performances in local schools in the fall of 2017 in an effort to reach out to an audience of a younger age group.

“It’s unbelievable how accessible Shakespeare can be,” he said.




By Megan Herrema and Rebekah Hardwicke

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