Austin’s Story



Hello Readers! I am Austin Hendricks and I am writing on behalf of Hoosier Shakes to share my experience thus far with this company. I am a lifelong Marion, Indiana resident and have been involved in the theatrical arts since I was three. This is my first year being involved with Hoosier Shakes but not my first time experiencing the troupe. Before working with Hoosier Shakes I was a student at Community School of the Arts in Marion, Indiana and also a current member of the Indiana Wesleyan University Theatre Guild. But I’m supposed to be talking about Shakes! So my first experience with the company was last year when I heard that the Marion/Wabash area was getting a Shakespeare company. Already I found myself interested in somehow getting involved, whether that be as an actor or as a patron. So being the local actor that I am, I went to auditions and tried my hand at my first professional audition (only this year I would learn that I was wanted for the inaugural cast). During the first weeks of the 2015-2016 season, I worked very closely with Dr. Katie Wampler (the then Artistic Director) to try and work out a way for me to participate in the first season. Sadly, I was unable to be a part of that first season but still went to the shows to support the ensemble. I attended a production of Pericles at the Third Street Courtyard in Marion and I was blown away. Right then I knew I had to audition again, and this time be available. So I did! When I auditioned this time, I had gotten to know some of the actors from the first season who were auditioning again, as well as some friends I had made in college. After auditioning I was told a few days later I had been offered the parts of Prince, Peter, Servant, and Apothecary in Romeo and Juliet, and Don John, Dogberry, and Messenger 2 in Much Ado About Nothing. This is my first professional acting gig that I hope can begin to allow me more opportunities to professionally act. I am very excited to work with the entire cast and crew that is involved with these productions and I encourage everyone to come out and be dazzled like I was last year!

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