Emily Robinson-Dykstra On Joining Hoosier Shakes


Emily Robinson-Dykstra, Chicago, IL


I’m thrilled to be joining Hoosier Shakes 2017 season!  Ever since I first heard about the company being founded, I knew it was something I’d want to be a part of at some point.  Having gone to school at Indiana Wesleyan University, I know what it was like to study theatre at a small university in a town that’s basically a professional theatre desert.  Thankfully, our professors (Hoosier Shakes Executive Director Greg Fiebig included) did an amazing job, despite our small department, at preparing us to be able to be competitive in this industry, holding us to a high standard of professionalism, and connecting us to internships in professional settings around the country.  But I also know if I’d had an opportunity like this in Marion as a student, it would have been immensely beneficial.  I’m excited to do my part to help kind of mentor the younger members of the cast and crew and especially learn from and be challenged by them and everyone else this summer.  I know what Hoosier Shakes offers to students, professionals, and the community of Marion is something very needed and special, and I’m honored to have been invited to participate this summer.  I can’t wait to see what the season has in store!


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