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William Shakespeare was a special guy. If we’re still putting his shows on 400 years later he must have done something right. I caught the Shakespeare bug 4 years ago at the American Shakespeare Center Theatre Camp in Staunton, Virginia performing  Pericles. Here I am 4 years later and I’m doing Pericles again. The beauty of Shakespeare is that you can put these shows on dozens of times and every experience is different. Every time I look at one of his scripts I find a new nuance in his writing that astounds me. The thing I love about being able to do both Pericles and Twelfth Night  at Hoosier Shakes is that I get two different visions of two classic plays from our directors and that, to me, is the essence of modern Shakespeare. Since we are not able to communicate with the Bard, it’s up to us as actors and directors to bring our own styles and ideas to the words we are given. That’s why we can have one version of Romeo and Juliet set in its original Verona and another set in Verona Beach. It doesn’t matter where it’s set or how the script is cut, Shakespeare’s words still hold strong all these years later and it is this longevity that draws us time and time again to the theater to watch his plays. Its why Shakespeare companies like Hoosier Shakes are popping up all the country. I’m proud that I get to speak these timeless words onstage and I can only hope I do his characters justice.


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