Hoosier Shakes Actors & Stage Manager present Research at IWU

Hoosier Shakes employs student actors each year as a matter of practice. Student actors are encouraged to apply as research assistants for Hoosier Shakes through a Lilly Grant administered by Indiana Wesleyan University. Students receiving an assistantship are required to present their research as part of IWU’s Honors College’s Celebration of Scholarship.
Conference Schedule Poster outside Leedy Banquet Hall
IWU students Gloria Billingsley and Beverly Wagner presented research related to their involvement as actors with Hoosier Shakes last summer. Wagner presented “Performing Shakespeare: Then and Now”, which contrasted performance during Shakespeare’s day with the performances during Hoosier Shakes’ inaugural season.
Billingsley, assisted by 2016 Hoosier Shakes Stage Manager Joanna Ruhl, presented “Shakespeare and Rhetoric: An Analytical Approach to Acting.” Billingsley led conferees through an overview of her background work to create the character Fabian from Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night.”
Ruhl published a poster entitled “The Cost of Shakespeare: A Visual Funding Comparison of Three Shakespeare Companies” including: Chicago Shakespeare, St. Louis Shakespeare Festival, and Hoosier Shakes Inc. Her graphic display compared the companies’ income and expenditures side-by-side. Interestingly, while the three companies are vastly different in terms of size, their spending and fundraising percentages are somewhat similar.
Ruhl’s Poster Presentation

The Celebration of Scholarship occurred Thursday, April 6. IWU classes were dismissed for the day, which allowed students from across campus to attend the event. The event lasted all day and student research from academic disciplines all across campus drew crowds to the Poster Hall in the Student Center and individual presentations through the Barnes Student Center.

Ruhl, Stage Manager
Billingsley as Fabian in Twelfth Night
Wagner as Feste center) in Twelfth Night

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