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This Summer, in conjunction with the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s Legacy, Hoosier Shakes will launch its inaugural season in Marion, Indiana. Hoosier Shakes is the result of a convergence of paths and ideas over the past few years. The first path began twelve years ago when I was introduced to the American Shakespeare Center in Staunton, Virginia, where they present Shakespeare’s plays in the most captivating and compelling way I’ve ever seen. Their influence on me as a theatre artist has been both broad and deep.

The second path was the trajectory I’ve been on since my career in Higher Education began in earnest 16 years ago. I’d been teaching theatre in Higher Education for more than a decade. As much as I enjoyed that work, I had a deep sense of frustration knowing that students from a university like Indiana Wesleyan University, where I currently teach, had little to no chance to break into show business without some sort of divine intervention.

My third path occurred while on sabbatical in NYC, I had the opportunity to direct and co-produce a production of Moliere’s Tartuffe for the Calvary Theatre Guild in midtown Manhattan. I met and worked with a group of professional actors that loved their craft and welcomed the idea of investing in students who reminded them of their former selves.

Melissa Harlow as Elmire, and David Shakopi as Orgon try to bait the impostor Tartuffe, portrayed byDoug Rossi.
Melissa Harlow as Elmire, and David Shakopi as Orgon try to bait the impostor Tartuffe, portrayed by Doug Rossi.


The convergence of these paths led me to intentionally constitute a theatre company designed to integrate professional and student actors for the purpose of not only entertaining, educating, and enlightening an audience, but for helping young would-be actors begin to make significant connections with older, more seasoned professionals, thus helping to generate some networking that would otherwise take years to achieve.

I hope you will support Hoosier Shakes with your patronage. We look forward to seeing you on our stage or in our audiences this summer during our repertory productions of “Twelfth Night” and “King Lear.”


Greg Fiebig, executive director & board president

Hoosier Shakes

Hoosier Shakes Executive Director Greg FIebig
Hoosier Shakes Executive Director Greg Fiebig


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