Katie Little: The Perfect Fit



My name is Katie Little, and I will be joining Hoosier Shakes for the first time this summer as a professional guest artist. I hail originally from Dallas, Texas, where I was blessed with a family and an education that valued the performing arts. As soon as I was potty trained, I was attending theatre camps and classes, and I performed Shakespeare for the first time with my fifth grade class at Fine Arts Day. Though 11-year-old me was planning to give an unforgettably profound delivery of her Beatrice lines, I’m fairly certain that the peers and parents in attendance remember my entrance more distinctly. (I fell flat on my face…literally.)** Thankfully the mortification of my Shakespeare debut didn’t diminish my love for the Bard. Last month I earned my Master of Letters in Shakespeare and Performance from Mary Baldwin University, and I will earn my Master of Fine Arts from the same program next May.


Having only two summer months off from my MFA work at MBU, I wasn’t optimistic about finding a substantial acting job this summer. Needless to say, I was thrilled that Hoosier Shakes liked my video audition enough to offer me a spot in their summer repertory of Romeo and Juliet and Much Ado About Nothing, two of my favorite plays by Shakespeare. This job was a perfect fit for my summer, as it optimizes time and experience, of which grad students never have enough. Though I’ll only be on-site in Marion for 6 weeks, in that short time we will rehearse and perform two full productions. Since our company size is small (as was the company Shakespeare wrote these plays for), we will be “doubling” the cast. Thus, in this season, I will be playing four characters total, ranging from the winsome ingénue (Hero) to the audacious fighter (Tybalt), giving me an interesting range to explore. In addition to my personal character work, I will be choreographing Much Ado’s dances, and learning fight choreography for Romeo and Juliet, so I don’t anticipate any dull moments in Indiana this summer. I’m greatly looking forward to jumping into this exciting work with the intrepid company of theatre makers at Hoosier Shakes in a few short weeks. Hope to see you in the audience in July or August!


**I’m pleased to report that the 5th grade incident was my last on-stage wipeout to-date, and I intend to restrict all of my falls at Hoosier Shakes this summer to the choreographed ones.


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