Marketing Lead of Insurance Management Group, Regan Reese, Shares Thoughts about Hoosier Shakes

By: Regan Reese

·  What made you decide to partner with Hoosier Shakes?

We are a supporter of the arts and believe they play such an important role in our community. Hoosier Shakes offers such a unique way of bringing theatre and Shakespeare to life in a way that is meaningful and enjoyable for people of all ages!

·  What does partnering with Hoosier Shakes mean to you?

It’s been exciting to see Hoosier Shakes continue to grow and relate to new and return audiences. It’s a special gem in our community.

·  What do you hope to see from us this season?

We know that it will be nothing less than the fun, high energy, high quality performances audiences have come to know and expect! 

·  In what ways can our audience interact with your company/business/organization?

We love sponsoring the shirts for Hoosier Shakes! 

·  What is your favorite Shakespeare show and why?

Romeo and Juliet is always a favorite!

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