On-the-job Training for Actors


It’s one thing to learn one’s craft from a class or textbook; it is something altogether different to learn your craft from a craftsman. Hoosier Shakes provides students with an opportunity to hone their craft while onstage under the careful eye of professional actors and directors.

High school, university, and community productions are valuable experiences for an actor with a passion for performance. Every opportunity to perform is an opportunity to grow in the craft of acting. Imagine, though, an intense professional rehearsal and production run of not one, but two plays in repertory alongside a New York or Chicago actor and a professional director trained in the style of Shakespeare’s original staging practices.

Last season, senior theatre major Beverly Wagner was cast as part of the company. Beverly struggled as an actor in her university’s theatre program, but one of the two professional directors saw something in her audition that compelled him to cast her as Feste in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. She grew exponentially as a performer over the three and one half weeks of rehearsals. Audiences were drawn to Feste and after each performance were surprise to learn that the actor was a student performer. Beverly grew more in three and one half weeks than she did the previous three years in her undergraduate program. The opportunity Hoosier Shakes provided to work with professional directors and alongside more seasoned actors allowed her to succeed beyond expectations.

Would you underwrite on-the-job training for a young performer? Your gift of $500.00 would cover a stipend for one student actor this summer season, or you could sponsor them for a week with a gift of $83.00, or $11.90 per day.

  • Sponsor a student actor for a day – $11.90
  • Sponsor a student actor for a week – $83.33
  • Sponsor a student actor for the season – $500.00

Will you help train up an actor?

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