Sextons Creek Marketing & Development Director Reflects on Partnership with Hoosier Shakes

I’m Evan Gilmore, director of marketing and development for Sextons Creek. I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

  • What made you decide to partner with Hoosier Shakes?

At Sextons Creek, one of our core values is Flourishing Creativity. We know the value and transformative impact that public art can have on a local community. Having seen the effect that Hoosier Shakes has already had on the Grant County community, and how enthusiastically their productions have been received, it was not a difficult decision to invest in their efforts.

  • What does partnering with Hoosier Shakes mean to you?

It’s exciting to be associated with a group that approaches their work with excellence and passion. We strive to approach all that we do in a similar manner, so we certainly feel a kinship there.

  • In what ways can our audience interact with your company/business/organization?

We partner with businesses and organizations to provide comprehensive marketing services for web, video, audio, print, and just about any area our clients have a need. More information can be found at, by email at, or by calling (317) 516-4511. 

  • What is your favorite Shakespeare show and why?

Personally, probably a Midsummer Night’s Dream. Every time I see it performed, there’s always a new line a joke that I pick up on that eluded me previously!

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