Shakespeare gotta get paid!


Imagine a young actor living as a starving artist.

A few years ago, I directed a theatre production for a small, non-profit theatre company in mid-town Manhattan. I agreed to direct the show only if the actors were paid a modest stipend for their work. In NYC, the most a non-professional actor can receive is $150.00 per week. We paid our actors between $25 and $150 per week for a six-week rehearsal/performance process.

Near the end of our run, the producers catered a meal for the cast and crew between the final two performances. During that meal we took turns sharing our stories about what our experience together meant to each of us. I will never forget how one young woman began sobbing. She shared through her tears and broken voice how even though she’d been in the city for nearly two years this was the first time she’s ever been paid for her craft and the first time anyone ever offered her a meal as a way to say “Thanks!”

Help Hoosier Shakes say “Thanks” to our cast and crew this summer by providing a day’s worth of meals for one of them. Your gift of $10.00 will provide meals for an actor for one day. We have 16 members in the company and our season runs 6 weeks, so we desperately need approximately $16,750.00 (beyond our normal operating costs) to make the dreams of our actors come true.

Meals for 1 day – $10.00/actor

Meals for 1 week – $70.00/actor

Meals for the season – $420/actor

Meals for everyone for the season – $16,750.00

Help us say “Thanks!” You can donate via or PayPal. Just click the link below…

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