The Nuts & Bolts of Hoosier Shakes

Hoosier Shakes’ mission is to reveal the delight of Shakespeare’s theatre, language, and ideas by producing accessible, quality performances for the audiences of eastern Indiana and beyond and by providing not only exceptional, but also developmental experiences for students, and guest professionals.

That’s our mission. Here’s how that plays out…

Hoosier Shakes intentionally engages in:

  • Artistic Development
  • Community Development
  • Educational Development &
  • Economic Development

With respect to Artistic Development, Hoosier Shakes aims to provide accessible performances by employing original staging practices and audience engagement. One patron shared,

“I loved the way the play broke the boundaries of the stage in a way that engaged the audience and brought them into the show, experiencing firsthand the play unfold. I greatly appreciated and was drawn in with how well the actors were able to create the atmosphere and bring a modern flair to an old script. I’m sure this play could be done a thousand ways and I loved how uniquely you presented it. Well done!”

We participate in Community Development by offering our performances on a pay-what-you-will basis. If we were to charge full price for a ticket, just to recoup our expenses we’d have to sell them for $35.00. Thanks to our wonderful partners, we are able to eliminate any financial barriers allowing individuals and families from all walks of life to experience quality performances. A Hoosier Shakes audience typically spans racial, gender, age, and social-economic divisions.

One of Hoosier Shakes’ key features is in the area of Educational Development. We intentionally hire at least four student actors and four professional actors and two professional directors allowing students to hone their craft “on the job.”

Hoosier Shakes’ Economic Development is seen in a variety of ways. Most recently, Hoosier Shakes’ was singled out as one of two local organizations to receive partnership grants from the Grant County Visitors Bureau. We were challenged to develop partnerships with other county businesses to bolster economic development for other local businesses.

Check out the next four blog posts where we’ll unpack each of these developmental endeavors.

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